Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my box?   

Our boxes have excellent value for money, but most importantly our boxes are tailored to what our customers want. We change the contents every month, sending you products from classic brands as well as products from innovative new companies!   

The Fit-Box acts as a motivator to keep you working out and going to the gym. Inside you can expect a range of healthy snacks, protein supplements, gym equipment, vouchers, recipes & workouts. All designed to motivate you to stick to your workouts!   

Who is it for?   

Active People!   People who love our box the most are active people. If you go to the gym, play sport or have a healthy diet, our boxes are for you. They include a variety of products which will aid your workout routine, diet and fitness!    

Busy people!  We all know how hard it is to keep up a busy lifestyle, trying to balance your work, social life, and fitness regimes can be difficult. It can often be too easy to bypass a gym session, our boxes will provide you with the motivation to make sure you don’t!   

Variety seekers! As we say, our boxes are never the same. If you love trying new products, flavours, workouts, recipes or gyms, this is perfect for you. Why buy a product in bulk when you don’t know if you like it? Try our samples before you commit.   

When does the box arrive and how much is it?   

We send our boxes to subscribers around the 16th of each month, arriving approximately two-three working days later for UK subscribers. Any overseas shipping will take slightly longer, we would expect your box to arrive around the middle of that month. The box cost ranges depending on which box you subscribe too. Trial boxes are £19.95 and are shipped when ordered, subject to stock. Free UK shipping. 

When am I billed?   

You are billed for your first box when you subscribe, and then on the last day of each month for every box after that.   

Is it easy to cancel? 

Don’t worry we’re not like your gym!   You can easily cancel your subscription at any time with two quick clicks. Just log into your account then click the 'Edit' link on the left underneath 'Your Subscription'. Then just hit the 'Cancel Subscription' button.   

What is your refund policy?   

All boxes can be returned within 14 days of delivery and a return label will be provided free of charge.   

How do I update my delivery address?   

Login to your account then click 'Edit' on the address panel and update your information.   

How do you protect my data?   

Encryption - All checkout and logged-in customer actions happen over an industry-standard SSL connection.   

PCI Compliant - PCI is the security standard for organisations handling card details. We do not store any card details - that is all handled by our third-party payment processors (Stripe). They are a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest level of PCI compliance.   

Privacy Policy - For more details on our safeguards and use of your personal information, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.   

Do you ship outside the UK? 

No, we currently do not ship outside of the UK.

Any other questions? 

Just ask us using the form below, or send us an email at theteam@thefit-box.co.uk    

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