The Fit-Box - Affiliate_Program

Whether you're a big name influencer or a newbie to the fitness industry, The Fit-Box affiliate program is the perfect way to get paid for your social media, website or blog.

How Does The Fit-Box Affiliate Program Work?

It's simple. When you apply we will provide you with a unique promo code giving the customer 20% off. You then promote The Fit-Box brand stating this promo code and every time someone signs up, you get paid!

How Much Will I Get Paid?

£3.00 for every new sign up to The Fit-Box's month to month subscription! This is our core product and so it is the only one our affiliate program can be used on.

How Do I Join?

It's easy to join The Fit-Box affiliate program and there is no cost involved. Simply send us a message using the button below, stating your email address and where you will be promoting The Fit-Box. Within 48 hours we will reply with a unique promo code allowing you to get started.