Discovering new health and fitness products is what we do.

We do the hard work for you! We send you a box packed with fitness products, supplements, snacks and a surprise or two every month, only sourcing the best high-quality products for our customers. 


Our mission is to keep you motivated towards reaching your fitness goals, by delivering ever-changing fitness products to your door step, every month.   

For most people getting started is difficult enough, and exercising for a sustained period to see results becomes a repetitive process. As it was for us, The Fit-Box team. We found ourselves making the same mistakes every time - Get started > Have a strong couple of weeks > Go off the boil > Repeat in two months.  

We started to notice that before every restart of our fitness regime, we would go and buy new products to encourage and motivate us, and thus the idea was born for The Fit-Box.    

The Fit-Box offers a unique solution, by providing a range of different health and fitness products, varying from Supplements, Health Snacks, Fitness Attire, Equipment, Hints and Tips, Recipes, Home Work Outs and many more.   

The Fit-Box Team searches the market for the best products, then ships them to our subscribers every month from our Manchester HQ . 

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